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Episode 21:  The Fear Factor 

Dayne Gingrich   

Mental Performance Coach & former professional athlete  

This topic of fear impacts everyone at some point in our lives and our careers. In this episode, Dayne is going to share with us the healthier side of fear, and challenge us to push back against the notion of being “fearless” and instead fearLIVE by acknowledging its presence and facing it head on.  He’s known to push his clients to redefined personal expectations, evolve their internal dialogue, and create intentional winning habits.  #fearlive 

As a former professional athlete, Dayne Gingrich quickly learned that success wasn't based on physical talent alone, but rather the ability to mentally prepare for unrelenting tests of character. He took the lessons he learned as an athlete and turned them into his life long purpose -- change people's lives by changing their mindsets. With a vision of helping others live a life of passion and confidence, Dayne's Mental Performance coaching is aimed at elevating your belief in what you're capable of achieving, and aligning your mindset with those new expectations.  

Episode 22:  Management is Dead!

Nancy Robin   

CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Broward 

In today’s world, the workforce is looking to management for leadership. Gone are the days of do as you’re told and not as I do if you want to collect a paycheck. Therefore, coaching and Leadership are the keys for business success today. The key objective of the leader is to ensure their teams have the resources to get the job done along with assisting to remove any obstacles along the way. As evolved and technology driven as we may be as a society, success and the level of success we achieve is people driven. During this podcast, we discuss the changing role of management as one which is more leadership centric and the factors that play an important role for success in this process.

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Nancy Robin is the CEO for Habit for Humanity of Broward.  A former banking executive, with seasoned leadership and infrastructure building skills, Nancy left banking to explore how to make a bigger difference in the world.  Nancy has extensive experience in leading organizations through start-up, change, revitalization, turn-a-rounds and accelerated growth.  Decisive and results orientated with a signature servant leadership style has afforded her a strong track record of exceeding targets and team building success.  Economic empowerment has always been a passion, Nancy has an extensive history on the volunteer side leading and serving several key non-profits over the years.  She has Chaired the Urban League of Palm Beach County, the Red Cross of Broward County, and served on the Executive Boards for the YMCA of South Florida, The Boy Scouts Gulfstream Chapter, ArtServe of Broward County, as well as serving on the Boards of Jr Achievement of Palm Beach, The Florida Council of Economic Education, The Urban League of Broward County, multiple Chamber of Commerces and clubs. Early in her career she was afforded the opportunity to volunteer for Habitat and the passion for that mission drew her back to where she is today. Decent housing at an affordable price in a safe environment is a fundamental need and right.  For Nancy, It is a dream come true to be able to utilize the skill sets she has developed over the years to a cause she is so passionate about. 

Episode 23:  Your Body is Business Relevant

Tara Gidus Collingwood

Team Dietician for Orlando Magic, Author of 'The Flat Belly Cookbook for DUMMIES, and much more!

In today’s episode, Your Body is Business Relevant, Tara will walk us through not only the importance of taking care of our total wellbeing, but how this directly ties to our output in business. Wouldn’t you love to have more energy? Better, more consistent results? Then you won’t want to miss all of the knowledge Tara is going to share on how we can achieve our fullest potential by simply, taking care of our bodies.

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Tara G. Collingwood is currently the Team Dietitian for the Orlando Magic NBA team and Nutrition Consultant for the University of Central Florida (UCF) Athletics as well as the United States Tennis Association (USTA) National Campus.  Tara is the author of Pregnancy Cooking & Nutrition for Dummies and Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies. Tara is a spokesperson and is quoted in a variety of media including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites and is a past National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  She helps senior executives from Fortune 500 companies manage their energy in her role as a nutrition and movement coach at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. Tara is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN), Board Certified in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), and is a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT).  Her best times are spent with her husband, John, and their blended family of 4 boys (ages 8, 10, 12, 14).  You can find her at

Episode 24: How Strong Employee Brands Can Build Stronger Company Brands 

Diane Diaz

Owner & Brand Strategist at The Brand Teacher 

Employees can also be your company's best brand advocates. And since 50% of employees on social media are already posting about their company (based on MSL Group Social Employee Advocacy 2015 study), it's to the benefit of the company brand to ensure employees understand not only the company's brand voice but also their own and how the two are connected. On this episode Diane Diaz helps us to explore how we can find the happy medium between personal brand and company brand and use this to create winning organizations.  

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Diane Diaz is a self-proclaimed brand geek and 360Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist & Social Branding Analyst. She uses her two decades of combined branding and teaching experience to teach professionals and entrepreneurs to unleash the power of their personal brands so they can be rock stars in their careers or businesses and works with companies to align their employees’ brands with the company brand.


Her passion for branding is combined with 15 years working in the corporate world, 9 years of which was spent leading the marketing and branding efforts for two award-winning residential communities, and supported by a BS in marketing and an MBA. During her time in residential development she was honored to receive the Marketing Director of the Year 2002 award from the Home Builders Association of Central Florida.  


And as a natural teacher nearly 9 years teaching marketing classes at Full Sail University, where she was recognized in the top 10% of instructors for 2014 and 2015, she’s skilled in leading workshops to teach teams how to define their personal brands so that they support their individual professional goals and increase brand awareness for their companies. Then the individual and company brands can coexist in synergy and be stronger together, building better teams and companies.  


Diane truly believes that people are capable of so much more than they even realize. And a clear, consistent, and authentic personal brand is just the beginning to unleashing their potential in their career or business or building a strong corporate culture.

Episode 26: From Crystal to Calling  

Kelly Merbler

Principal at The Kelly Merbler Company

What does success mean to you? Do you feel fulfilled by your work, awards and achievements, or promotions? Or are you someone who loves your job, but still yearning for more? In this episode Kelly Merbler shares with us her journey and talks to us about how finding our purpose or passion doesn’t always mean leaving our job or our company, we can find fulfillment in any environment that helps us cultivate our strengths and unleash our fullest potential.

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Kelly Merbler has developed an effective and proven approach to discovering the greatness within an individual, small team or large organization. She specializes in Gallup Strengths based coaching workshops, Leadership Development and Motivational Speaking. Prior to starting her own coaching enterprise, Kelly spent twenty-one years as a regional executive with a global staffing organization where she was responsible for hiring, developing and building successful sales and operations teams. She knows that the secret of success is hiring good talent which begins with identifying what people do best and aligning them in the right role for maximum impact internally and externally.

The best ways to connect with Kelly:

Episode 27: Mindfulness at Work  

Sky Jarrett

Management Consulting Executive

Mindfulness has been identified as one of the top 10 trends globally in 2017. Many Big large corporations are cultivating mindfulness as a practice at work.  As a society, we are now operating in an attention economy where our attention is constantly under siege and leads us to a condition scientists call Attention Deficit Trait. In this episode, Sky Jarrett will discuss with us the case for and neuroscience of mindfulness, the myth of multi-tasking, and mindfulness performance programs. 

Resources mentioned in this episode are...


  • Mindspace

  • Simple Habit


The One Thing: the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan 

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Sky Jarrett is a Management Consulting Executive with 10+ years of specialized expertise leading large-scale transformations, Organizational Change Management, and Organizational Effectiveness efforts in both public and private sectors. As a Human Capital Strategist, Mindfulness Instructor, Positive Psychology practitioner, and Coach, Sky has a passion for unlocking human excellence and maximizing greatness in individuals, teams, and organizations. Committed to sharing the profound benefits mindfulness has had in transforming her life, Sky has been a successful change agent in bringing a mindfulness practice to one of the largest, top-ranked consulting firms in the world. Sky has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is currently enrolled at George Washington University’s School of Education and Human Development graduate school program.

Episode 28:  Leading a Global Future of Work 

Ravi Hutheesing

Global Keynote Speaker & Cultural Diplomat for US State Dept

The future of work on a global scale looks very bright. However, when analyzing the individual contributors to its potential success we can get a little overwhelmed. Today Ravi will discuss with us some of the major factors that will influence the trajectory of the global future of work. We’ll discuss aging patterns, education, globalization and technology. What will work look like? His theories will take us on a surprising thought provoking journey and he’ll help us to navigate a proactive approach to an amazing future in the global landscape of human productivity and world peace! 

Resources mentioned in this episode are...



The Power of Now 

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Ravi a global keynote speaker and cultural diplomat whose philosophies and strategies have empowered businesses, educators, and over a million people worldwide. As a cultural diplomat, he works with the U.S. Department of State and its embassies to create cross-cultural engagement in the world's most vulnerable regions.


In 2017, he conducted songwriting and cultural entrepreneurship programs in Iraq and Lebanon, for which he recruited students from Mosul liberated from ISIS just three days before, and Syrians from the decimated city of Aleppo.


In 2016, he went to Indonesia—the world's largest Muslim population—and created a songwriting camp that bridged the most severe cultural and religious divides. Ravi's initial State Department deployment was in 2015 to Russia, where he delivered keynotes on artist-entrepreneurship and youth leadership.


For nearly a decade, Ravi has been a partner of Shanti Bhavan in India—a boarding school providing a holistic upbringing in a high quality educational setting for the poorest of the poor. Ravi's worldwide visibility skyrocketed as the guitarist for triple Grammy nominee, Hanson, whose fan base of the earliest millennials catapulted him to the stages of the White House, Madison Square Garden, Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and Saturday Night Live.


The first American-born member of India's Nehru-Gandhi family that created and governed the world's largest democracy for over 40 years, Ravi is the grandnephew of Jawaharlal Nehru (India's first Prime Minister), the nephew of Indira Gandhi (India's only female Prime Minister), and the cousin of Rajiv Gandhi (India's youngest Prime Minister). 

Episode 29:  Corporate Training is Dead - Here's Why

Thomas Harrell

Talent Development Specialist

Learning and development practitioners are tasked to move at the speed of business. But the reality is, it’s not feasible. As a result, L&D practitioners and the learners they serve must have a mind shift that: 

  • Recognizes there’s a ton of learning going on AWAY from the company’s LMS 

  • L&D leaders must be okay with this and not see it as a threat 

  • L&D leaders must build the correct ecosystem to acknowledge the learning their team is gobbling up 

  • L&D leaders must encourage self-directed learning even more to augment their efforts 

In this episode Thomas Harrell walks us through some good tips on keeping up with learning and development presently and in the future.  

Articles & resources mention in this episode:

Josh Bersin’s article

Video: Closer Look at  L&D

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Thomas S. Harrell’s tagline for the learning function at Master Electronics is “Helping you. Learn. Grow. Master!” As the lead for Talent Development reporting to Master Electronics’ company president, Riad Nizam, Thomas focuses on the company’s L&D vision and strategy as well learning content design, creation, delivery, and LMS administration.


His professional career has elevated companies in auto insurance, education, and non-profit to name a few. Coming previously from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers South Florida, the world’s largest privately-owned software training company, Thomas consistently ranked in the top 1% of his peers worldwide as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).


His experience now emboldens his work at Master Electronics, an electromechanical parts distributor, ranked the 13th largest globally, as he builds a world-class learning and development function aand culture from the ground up (in 2017 he was named Rookie of the Year by his leadership team). He believes a key element to reaching his company’s vision is for all team members to embrace lifelong learning.

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Episode 30:  Inclusive  Leadership - Traits  &  Behaviors  that Create  an  Inclusive  &  Welcoming  Environment 

Mishon Landry

Owner of Culture Consultants; Certified Diversity Specialist 

Research  shows  80%  of  individuals  who  work  with  an  inclusive  leader  were  more  productive,  motivated,  and  loyal  to  the  organization  as  well  as  willing  to  go  the  extra  mile.  Inclusive  leaders  understand  that  in  order  for  collaboration  to  be  successful,  individuals  must  be  willing  to  share  their  diverse  perspectives  and  experiences.  However,  only  two  thirds  of  the  respondents  stated  that  in  their  experience  less  than  half  of  their  managers  and  Senior  Leaders  actually  demonstrated  inclusive  behaviors  and  traits.  


Given  this,  how  do  we  then  identify  and  create  more  inclusive  leaders  to  adopt methods  that  produce  sustainable  outcomes?  Tune in to this episode to learn from an diversity and inclusion expert!


What’s  Your  Why  –  Simon  Sinek  

First  Things  First  –  Stephen  Covey  

Reinventing  Diversity  –  Howard  Ross  

Where  Will  You  Be  Five  Years  from  Today?  –  Dan  Zadra 

MiShon  Landry  is  a  Certified  Diversity  Professional  and  owner  of  Culture  Consultants  located  in  the  Dallas-Fort  Worth  Metroplex.  She  is  a  Diversity  Champion  and  has  a  passion  for  Leadership,  Diversity  and  Inclusion,  Supplier  Diversity,  STEM,  and  Relationship  Building  principals.  MiShon  has  over  a  decade  of  experience  in  People,  Program,  Project  Management,  Leadership  and  Entrepreneurial  expertise.  She  functions  as  a  change  agent  and  influencer,  providing  strategies,  solutions,  training,  tools,  resources,  and  thought  leadership.    


MiShon  fosters  inclusion  across  organizations,  helps  leaders  to  translate  business  strategy,  engagement  and  objectives  into  inclusive  attainable  goals.  Mi’Shon  has  been  interviewed  by  Working  Mother  Magazine  and  Standing  Out  Podcast.  She  has  been  featured  in  Talent  Management  Magazine,  “Steps  to  Create  a  Culture  that  Embraces  Diversity.”  She  has  also  been  published  by  Mortgage  Compliance  Magazine,  “Inclusive  Leadership:  Traits  and  Behaviors  that  Impact  Organizational  Growth”and  The  Connect  Magazine,  “How  to  be  Inclusive  in  the  Workplace  (And  Win)!”


Mi’Shon  is  faith  and  family  oriented,  she  is  deeply  involved  in  the  community  through  her  volunteer  efforts  with  the  City  of  North  Richland  Hills,  Keep  NRH  Beautiful  Commission  Board,  Volunteer  Lead  for  the  Fort  Worth  Food  +  Wine  Festival,  Tarrant  County  Food  Policy  Council  and  Leadership  ISD  of  Tarrant  County. 

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